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the 12 best foods to boost immune system

Winter is a time when we are prone to contracting colds, flu and other illnesses that take advantage of any weakness in the immune system to attack. In order to help carry better these days when many times you have to think carefully to go out, the quality food company at home, 12 foods that reinforce the immune system and are ideal to combat the cold and strengthen defenses.

“In the same way that there are foods that strengthen the immune system, there are others that can weaken it, “It is important not to abuse sugar, pastries, fried foods and trans fats. By avoiding them, the body will be healthier, more active and ready to fight winter’s epidemics ”

“When you’re not feeling well, leaving home is the last thing you want to do. Fortunately, one of my friends has helped us give our clients the best advice on what to order at Deliveroo to strengthen defenses in winter, recommending dishes with vitamins and minerals ”.

The foods are not exactly medicines, but many of them have basic nutrients to keep the body in good condition. Among other things, they contribute to improving the body’s response to various ailments, acting on the immune system and making it more efficient.

Sometimes it prevents us from falling ill and others help to reduce the symptoms of colds, flu and other illnesses that affect us, especially in winter. These are some of the foods that experts recommend for their ability to affect the immune system.

Foods that support the immune system

1. Fermented foods

foods to boost immune system
foods to boost immune system

Almost 70% of the immune system depends on the intestinal flora. Fermented foods like kefir are full of enzymes and microorganisms that strengthen the immune system. Other beneficial fermented foods are: natto, kimchi, miso, tempeh, pickles, and olives.

2. Cruciferous vegetables

Foods that strengthen the immune system

Their names may sound strange, but crucifers are actually a family of vegetables that includes broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, cabbage, and Brussels sprouts. In addition to being seasonal products, they protect against different pathogens and common pollutants in cities.

3. Coconut and coconut oil

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Coconut is not just for summer! In addition to being excellent for thyroid and metabolism, coconut oil is rich in lauric acid, which is converted to monolaurin in the body. And what is monolaurin? The compound that contains breast milk and serves to strengthen the body’s natural immunity.

4. Local, organic and raw vegetables

foods to boost immune system
foods to boost immune system

Vegetables are the best allies to reinforce defenses. To take full advantage of its properties, it must be ensured that they are fresh, organically grown and not processed or cooked (but well cleaned). Through Deliveroo you can order dishes with 100% organic vegetables from Mamá Campo.

5. Red and citrus fruits

foods to boost immune system
foods to boost immune system

Red fruits are among the best antioxidants in the plant kingdom, in addition to having less sugar than many fruits. For its part, citrus fruits are a great source of vitamin C, ideal for preventing colds. With them, the smoothies will be delicious.

6. Mushrooms

foods to boost immune system
foods to boost immune system

It is no coincidence that the mushroom season coincides with the colder months. Fungi strengthen the immune system because they contain powerful compounds called beta-glucans, capable of stimulating defenses.

7. Chlorella

foods to boost immune system
foods to boost immune system

One of the great unknown, but despite that, chlorella is the queen of detox foods. This freshwater algae helps to process more oxygen and cleanse the body of toxins to strengthen it.

8. Propolis and bee pollen

foods to boost immune system
foods to boost immune system

Yes, the grandmothers were right! In addition to honey and jelly, bees produce two other highly recommended substances: propolis (a powerful antimicrobial) and bee pollen (a great revitalizer).

9. Green tea

food that boost the immune system

When it comes to antioxidants, nothing beats the power of green tea. Especially Matcha tea (from Japan) and Tulsi tea (from India) include up to seventeen times more antioxidants than berries. At Café y Té there is a large selection of teas.

10. Garlic

foods to boost immune system
foods to boost immune system

No need to travel to exotic lands to find food that protects the body. The humble and everyday garlic is antibacterial, antiviral, fungicidal, anticancer and lowers cholesterol. Of course, the most recommended is to drink it fresh.

11. Camu Camu

foods to boost immune system
foods to boost immune system

Camu camu is an Amazon shrub that stands out for containing the largest source of vitamin C on the planet. A single teaspoon provides 1,180% of the daily recommended dose!

12. Ginger and Turmeric

foods to boost immune system
foods to boost immune system

Ibuprofen is often one of the most commonly prescribed medications for a cold or flu. What if a similar effect could be achieved with natural products? Ginger and turmeric are two powerful anti-inflammatories that also support the immune system. Deliveroo brings them both together thanks to Magasand’s natural juices with ginger.

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Anna is a registered dietitian with a bachelor’s degree and a certificate in general nutrition. she is started as a nutritionist clerk in 2017 and moved to buzzrecipes in 2018. she is now manages author communications, topic selection, and medical review of all nutrition content.

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