How long to boil potatoes

how long to boil potatoes
September 19, 2020

How long to boil potatoes! The potato is a food that is in most of all homes, since it is a tuber that can be cooked in many ways, whether they are cooked, fried or baked. We use them to make omelets, scrambled eggs, for garnishes, we cook them stuffed or roasted. There are many recipe options with potatoes to make.

The first potatoes  (Solanum tuberosum) were cultivated almost 8000 years ago in the Andes. They came to Europe from the hand of the Spanish conquerors and were introduced into the gastronomy of the entire continent.

The potato has  many properties and benefits  for our body. They provide carbohydrates, minerals such as potassium or calcium. They also have vitamins and dietary fiber. To these benefits are added antioxidants that help prevent cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. In addition, they have carotenoids that help take care of the immune system.

The healthiest way  to prepare them is to roast, cook or steam them. From  Bonduelle  we have chosen to cook the potatoes. We teach you  how to cook potatoes  in all its variants. Take note!

So Cooking potatoes is one of the most basic preparations that exist in this exciting world of cooking. But like everything in this world, it will not be easy for you to make boiled potatoes, if you are initiated in the kitchen. And this web page is also dedicated to the most initiated. To cook potatoes and make them (almost) perfect, you just have to follow a few very simple steps and keep a couple of things in mind. All very simple. You will see how, after reading this article, you will see how easy it is to cook potatoes. Here are a few simple tricks to make them look perfect.

Do you doubt the recommended time to cook potatoes in the pressure cooker or in the traditional way? It is a very frequent query (you would be surprised). We use cooked potatoes in many recipes, from potatoes with aioli to Russian salad. At buzzrecipes, we tell you the times to cook the potatoes and make them perfect.

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How long to boil potatoes with Microwave potatoes

how long to boil potatoes

The first way to cook potatoes is to microwave it. We only need potatoes and plastic wrap to wrap them.

The potatoes, it is advisable that they are small so that they cook well inside.

The first step is to  wash the potatoes very well in cold water . Once clean, we wrap them one by one with plastic wrap. Next, we put them in the microwave at  800W  of power for about 10 minutes. When time passes, prick one of the potatoes to check that they are cooked. If they are not, put them 5 minutes more

Cook Lekue potatoes

We have already talked about how to cook potatoes in the microwave. Within this technique there is another option, we can cook them in Lékué type tuppers. How are these containers used? Very easy. Use small potatoes so they cook better. Put the potatoes in the tupperware, cover them with water, broth or white wine and let them cook in the microwave for a few minutes. Depending on the type of device we have, it will be more or less time. 

Cook potatoes fast

how long to boil potatoes
how long to boil potatoes

Microwaving the potatoes is the fastest way to go. If you don’t have time, this technique will be your greatest ally. In 10 minutes you will have the potatoes  cooked  to prepare dishes such as mashed potatoes or use them as a garnish for meat or fish.

Cook potatoes with skin

Another way to cook potatoes is to do it with skin. The key is to wash them very well  and not to leave any traces of dirt or dirt.

Cooking potatoes with their skins  is very simple and also maintains all the nutrients of the potato.

We put a  casserole with water and a little salt. When the water starts to boil, put the potatoes in and let them cook for 20 minutes.

When the potatoes are ready, we  drain them . And that’s it!

Cook Thermomix potatoes

One of the easiest ways to cook potatoes is to do it with  a food processor or Thermomix . You just have to pour a glass of water into the appliance, peel the potatoes and cut them into squares.

Choose the  program to cook potatoes in Thermomix  and in less than 15 minutes you will have the potatoes. You can take advantage and put more vegetables next to the tuber. You can use them to prepare vegetable stews or purees. 

Cook potatoes in GM pot 

Another easy way to  cook potatoes is  to do it  in a GM pot . These types of pots are like the usual speed cookers or pressure cookers, but with programs to choose the cooking you want.

We put the whole potatoes  in the pot with a little water and salt . We choose the program indicated to cook potatoes in a GM pot and in about 15 minutes they will be ready.

Cook whole potatoes

how long to boil potatoes
how long to boil potatoes

The potatoes can be cooked peeled and in small pieces or we can  cook the potatoes whole . This will depend on which recipe we are going to use the food for. If we cook the potatoes whole we can use them  to fill them  or  to accompany other vegetables, meat or fish  with a little  salt and pepper .

We can cook them using any of the techniques explained above, once cooked, we can fill them to taste and give them  a touch of the oven, add cheese and gratin them .

Cook potatoes for salads or country salads

how long to boil potatoes
how long to boil potatoes

Salad is a very simple recipe to prepare and in home cooking it is very common. What can cost us the most is to cook the potatoes, but in this case,  we can cook them in the Thermomix , as we have explained before, you just have to peel them, wash them and divide them into squares. We put them in the kitchen robot and in less than 15 minutes you will have them ready.

You can  cook potatoes for salads or to prepare country salads,  in all possible ways, although this option is one of the simplest, but if you do not have a kitchen appliance of the style you can choose the microwave technique. 

Cook potatoes in the traditional way

In this case depending on the size of the potatoes it is usually between 12-25 minutes depending on the size of the potato . It is better to cook the potatoes with their skin since the skin itself helps to preserve the flavor of the potato, however, as it is not always possible if the peeled cooked, try to make them all a similar size. This will prevent some potatoes from being hard and others soft.

Place the potatoes washed and with the skin on unless the recipe tells you otherwise. Cover the potatoes with water, add half a teaspoon of salt and a little parsley and light the fire.

So that you don’t miss out on the potatoes, there is an effective trick. Once they take ten minutes, insert a toothpick ( better than a fork that can break them ). If the toothpick goes easy enough, turn off the heat, and let it rest in that water for two minutes. Then you take them out.

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If, on the other hand, you insert a toothpick and they are hard, let them cook for up to 20 minutes and do the same if you notice that they are already tender, turn off the heat and let it rest in the water for four minutes (the potato cooking continues but after lower temperature) . If after 20 minutes the potatoes are not tender, you have to wait until 24, insert the toothpick and in this case leave only one minute to rest.

Peeled or unpeeled?

how long to boil potatoes
how long to boil potatoes

Although peeling potatoes to cook them is something that is done in many kitchens, the truth is that we will achieve a much better result if we do not remove the skin. This will keep their flavor, their properties and, incidentally, we will prevent them from breaking.

We can also make some cuts with a knife so that when they boil they release starch and do not fall apart. Also, if we make very fine cuts in the skin then it will be easier to peel them.

How long to cook?

The exact time to cook potatoes will depend on the size and variety. The best cooked potatoes are medium-sized (200g). But more important than this, is that they are all of a similar size . If not, some will cook before others and will end up falling apart. The cooking time of a 200g potato is about 30 minutes. How to be sure if it is or not? We stuck a sharp knife into them. If you go in and out without any difficulty, then they are ready. It is important that you do not overdo their cooking time or they will fall apart .

And after that? Once cooked you have two options. Drain the water and if you are in a hurry, put them back in water at room temperature, so that they cool quickly. If you are not in a hurry (this second option is better), put them back in the pan where you have cooked them, without water, cover them and leave them there until they cool completely. This way they will be compacted and will be better.

And with these simple steps, we can now cook potatoes . Boiled potatoes are one of those basic cooking preparations that you should know.

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How long to boil potatoes


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