how to stop eating sugar

how to stop eating sugar
September 3, 2020

how to stop eating sugar: Cakes, cakes, chocolate, Nutella … with anything sweet that was put in front of me, I would get flustered, and I would go into a state of hypnosis looking at a cake… Does it sound familiar? Do you feel identified? Do you want to know how I stopped eating sugar? Do you want to leave it too? Keep reading!

If it sounds familiar, I have to tell you that you are not alone and that you are part of a large percentage of the population that, like you, lives totally hooked on sugar… in case you don’t know: sugar is edible cocaine. YES, you heard correctly: it is a drug.

“I need candy!” Doesn’t it happen to you that sometimes (or frequently) you feel great anxiety about eating sweets? Your body demands sugar from you and you can’t resist. The need is greater than your strength and you end up ingesting authentic sugar bombs of little or no nutritional value because it is the only thing that calms that craving.

The more sugar you eat, the more you need it

“Sugar is the fuel for the body, so we cannot stop consuming it,” says David Katz, a doctor from Yale University, quoted by the Univision site. But, what we can do is try to reduce it with different tips and being clear about the benefits that this loss will bring to our body.

how to stop eating sugar
how to stop eating sugar

how to stop eating sugar?

The most important thing is that you are aware of what is happening and do not get carried away by urges and anxiety to eat sweets. One of the main problems with cravings is that they generate binges, that is, you start to eat compulsively and you cannot stop.

The eating consciously or mindful eating is a technique that can help you control the urge to eat sugar, plus the following tips:

Some the doctor indicates that the best way to reduce sugar intake is by reading the ingredients of our purchases. “Sometimes we do not notice that a product contains an excess of sugar because it can be hidden under many names, so it is important that you know them to better detect the products that you should avoid,” he says.

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Therefore, as a first step, it is good that you know what aliases this element can have in your food. “Some can be cane juice or honey, high fructose corn syrup, fruit juice concentrate, nectar or agave syrup, as well as some substances ending in ‘ose’, such as fructose, dextrose, sucrose, glucose. If food has any of these substances among its first ingredients, the best thing you can do is return it to the shelf and choose another one ”, recommends the same specialist.

Eliminate processed and ultra-processed foods from your diet

how to stop eating sugar
how to stop eating sugar

Pastries, sweets, snacks, soft drinks, etc. Clean your pantry and get rid of everything you know you should not eat. Do not have temptations at your fingertips, so do not forget your secret corner. Whether we live with children or adults, they have to learn that these foods are just as unhealthy for everyone, so they should not be consumed.

Set a goal of not tasting sugar for X time

For example, not trying sweet things for two weeks. This will help your self-control.

Forget about the drinks

A 330 ml can contain approximately 10 teaspoons of sugar, Therefore, if you want to reduce, eliminate them from your diet.

Don’t wait to be hungry

Eating only when you are hungry will make it very difficult for you to control your sugar intake. Eat 4-5 meals a day depending on your schedules and your needs, and you will see how little by little those sudden attacks will disappear.

Increase the source of vegetable protein

Legumes balance blood glucose levels and give us a great feeling of satisfaction. Taking them in small amounts at each meal we will see that the craving is less and less.

Drink lots of water

When you feel that you cannot with the desire to eat something sweet, drink water. Much water. “Water is very good to help your body cleanse and detoxify, but it will also serve to reduce cravings,” they advise on the same site.

Choose natural sweets

It is difficult for the sweet taste of food to be attractive to us if we are used to added sugars from processed foods. But, little by little, we will educate our palate and we will be able to appreciate the sweet and pleasant taste of any natural food.

Which ones do I recommend? Dark chocolate with more than 85% cocoa (you can start with 70%). Two ounces is enough! All fruits, in general, are good options (banana or baked apple are my favorites), dehydrated fruits (prunes and raisins, dates, dried apricots, etc.) or homemade whole grain oatmeal cookies or cakes without sugar.

Beware of the salt

There is a great relationship between salt and sugar. The saltier you eat, the sweeter you will want, so reduce your salt intake and change the quality of it (buy sea salt and forget about table salt). Food should taste tasty but never salty, in general, the salt should only enhance the natural flavor of the rest of the ingredients.

Distracts your mind

Go for a walk or exercise to boost endorphins. If you prefer to stay at home, read a book, listen to music or take a hot shower to avoid being dominated by the candy.

Do not obsess

how to stop eating sugar
how to stop eating sugar

You can indulge yourself from time to time, but always consciously and knowing that it is a specific situation. You must continue with your good habits and not abandon your healthy lifestyle.

I hope that these tips on how to give up sugar will be of great use to you and that, if that hunger for something sweet or that irresistible craving appears, you use them. Remember that there is always a better natural option to replace that unhealthy processed food. Did you know that sugar can accelerate ageing?

And do not hesitate to share these tips with yours through social networks!

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