The best spices for baby

spices for baby
September 17, 2020

spices for baby:As children grow up, they eat the same as adults, but here is an important note to be made: be careful when you start to season children’s food with salt, oil and herbs because overusing them can be harmful to your health. 

As in many other things, the number of flavors that our taste buds are able to differentiate has varied in recent years, as relevant research has progressed.

Originally, there were 4 basic flavors, sweet, salty, acid and bitter. However, the umami flavor, associated with monosodium glutamate, came together a few decades ago and is present in many foods, including our internationally known Serrano ham.

spices for baby

are you sure? Haven’t you gone crazy? And there are many moms who wonder when they can start giving their little ones spicy or spicy foods, and even if you don’t believe it, the answer is, It depends.

spices for baby
spices for baby

In many countries, food is spicy or spicy or even both, such as India or Mexico , and therefore children are used to those strong or spicy flavors from their earliest childhood, since the flavors of the food that the mother ingests, even if you did not believe it, they pass into the mother’s milk, so when the transition to solid food (or purees) occurs, the little ones are used to and better assimilate these flavors.

In our Mediterranean culture the flavors are not so strong and why not say it, the control of what the little ones eat is much greater, including spices in the diet, depends in most cases on the recommendations that the pediatrician has made when it comes to introducing food into the child’s diet, the type of cooking that is done at home and, above all, how adventurous our baby is, gastronomically speaking.

From 12 months on spices for baby

spices for baby
spices for baby

babies have to start eating a varied diet similar to that of their parents, not just pureed vegetables and meat or fish. In fact, it is best to start giving him the same food that adults eat, it is not necessary to cook differently for him, you will only have to make moderate use of salt and spices.

As for the milder herbs (oregano, basil, bay leaf, etc.), we can use them without problem as long as it is in moderate quantities. They do not pose any problem or risk to the baby, nor do they cause allergies of any kind.

In fact, some of these herbs or plants, in addition to a flavoring function, have very beneficial effects on health: mint, for example, stimulates digestion; while parsley is a good intestinal disinfectant.

But the strongest or spiciest spices (garlic, pepper, curry, etc.), should begin to be used when we have already introduced all the foods in the child’s diet and do it gradually, using a small amount to avoid indigestion or rejection of the taste. Experts recommend not doing it before 3 or 4 years.

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However, the introduction of these spices is easier in countries where they are used very often and the food is very spicy or spicy since the flavors of the mother’s diet pass into the milk, so these babies are used in a certain way to these flavors.

All spices give a special and very tasty touch to the dishes, which favors the introduction of certain more “complicated” foods for children, such as fish, legumes or vegetables, helping to get children to eat everything without refuse any food.

you will always have to be careful not to overdo it so that the flavor is not too strong.

Likewise, special care must be taken with those children who suffer from an allergy or food intolerance since, although the spices themselves do not cause allergies, they can irritate the digestive system and cause reflux or burning.

Always introduce them one by one so that you know what is causing them discomfort and thus eliminate that seasoning, at least for now, from their diet.

Always keep in mind the rule of moderation as the excessive use of some spices can be harmful to the most sensitive stomachs of children. So:

– Nutmeg contains myristin, a substance that, in exaggerated doses, can cause headaches, nausea and cramps in children.

– Cloves can have irritating effects on the kidneys.

– Too much cinnamon can cause an increase in heart rate.

– Black pepper contains piperine, a substance that has an irritating action on the mucous membranes of the stomach.

spices for baby
spices for baby

My recommendation in general is that if at home we are not habitual of spices, we must introduce the strongest spices, curries, chili peppers, garlic, pepper, when we have already introduced all the food and of course do it very little by little, already that can cause indigestion in the little ones since they are very strong.

The milder herbs, such as oregano, basil, bay leaf, etc., can be used to give a touch of flavor to our meals, without posing any danger, always used in small quantities to get used to them.

For example, add a pinch of nutmeg or mace flower to mashed potatoes or béchamel, add a little oregano to the tomato paste, or some fine herbs to a grilled sole or steamed hake, or sprinkling a little mild curry on the chicken or rice will give it a delicious touch that the little ones will love.

We must take special care with children who suffer from an intolerance or allergy and try spices little by little, since although they are not allergenic in general, the strongest ones can irritate the digestive system.

One good thing about the use of spices is that it will allow us to reduce and even eliminate the amount of salt that must be added to dishes, as well as helping our little ones to know and expand their repertoire of flavors.

one last thing Do not confuse not adding salt or sugar to meals with not seasoning meals , really spices for baby food does not have to be tasteless, even if they have a virgin palate, and it is true that it is better to present the food as such without altering the flavor, but eventually, we can cook the same for the rest of the family (without adding salt, of course), and of course add spices, because it is about enjoying the food, the rich flavors, and it can even that foods that you do not like, seasoned or cooked in another way, you may like. We can also use other foods to enhance the flavor, such as onion, garlic, coriander, garlic … Note that I speak at all times of natural spices and not prepared dressings.

I hope this post has been useful to you, although I know very well that the post you most expect is the one about breakfasts, but calm down, I’m working on it and in a few days you will have it available 


spices for baby

spices for baby

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