use aloe vera plant

Find out why you should freeze aloe vera or aloe
July 12, 2020

use aloe vera plant: Not every time we have a plant as beneficial as aloe vera, so it is very useful to know how to freeze it to preserve its properties.

In our space we have spoken to you very often about the benefits of aloe vera or aloe. Now, a subject that perhaps is not very frequent, is about the practical way of using it, since there is always talk of taking the stalks, cutting them and applying.Find out why you should freeze aloe vera or aloe

So freezing aloe vera can be a useful solution to this problem. Yes, freezing it could make it easier to use later. Today, we want to show you  a great and very simple way to preserve aloe vera, and also how to use it in a way that many consider much more practical.

use aloe vera plant
use aloe vera plant

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Learn how to freeze aloe vera: the first aid plant

According to popular wisdom, a perfect way to preserve and use aloe vera is to freeze it. In this way, one can manage to maintain its essential properties for a slightly longer time.

In addition, it is believed that in this way you could make use of this plant at any time, especially if it were needed in daily first aid. To achieve this, you just have to follow the following steps:

What do I need to freeze aloe vera? Find out why you should freeze aloe vera or aloe

  • A large leaf of aloe vera.
  • A plastic ice bucket.
  • A sharp knife.
  • A spoon.

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  • The first thing we will do is take a large leaf of our aloe vera. As you already know, there are different varieties of this plant . It will always be worth having at home one that suits our weather conditions. The right time to “collect” its leaves is in the first bloom.
  • With the help of a sharp knife we ​​will remove the outer skin, taking care not to hurt ourselves with the spikes that this plant usually has.
  • Subsequently, with a spoon we will remove the translucent pulp and place it in each space of the ice bucket. As it is a very manageable gel or paste you can help yourself with your fingers so that it fits perfectly in the ice bucket. Too easy!
  • Now, all that remains is to take this ice bucket with aloe vera to the freezer , where it will be kept in the most practical way possible.

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use aloe vera plant
use aloe vera plant

A trick to further increase the properties of aloe vera

Did you like this simple strategy to preserve aloe vera? It is believed that with this simple trick, it could further increase its durability and therefore its properties would be enhanced:

  • Add the juice of half a lemon to the ice bucket where we had the aloe vera. Drop a few drops in each of the spaces.
  • Also adds Vitamin E . You can find this vitamin in pharmacies in capsule form. The investment is worth it, since it is very useful to strengthen our hair  and nails, as well as to heal and care for our skin.

How to use frozen aloe vera on a daily basis?

Once we have frozen aloe vera, how can we use it? Just like you have hydrogen peroxide or alcohol at home to heal your wounds and those of your children at any time, these aloe vera cubes are going to become essential in your first aid kit.

We show you some uses of this frozen plant that will undoubtedly be useful in your day today. Remembering that these tips or advice, obey the knowledge of popular wisdom and that until now there is no scientific data to support or recommend them.

use aloe vera plant
use aloe vera plant

Freeze aloe vera: useful for the skin

  • First of all, when you suffer any small burn, you can run a cube of aloe over the affected area. This will alleviate the unpleasant sensation that we usually feel in these cases.
  • Aloe vera is believed to be used as part of a treatment to treat acne. So, to help remove those annoying pimples or even the scars that it leaves, it is enough to make regular use of these aloe cubes.
  • As you already know, aloe vera is an indispensable ingredient when making many of our homemade masks. Simply leave that cube in the bowl to thaw it, and then combine it with other ingredients, such as avocado or honey.

Aloe, a great ally against foot problems

  • When you get any chafing or blistering on your feet from your shoes, you will find great relief applying these aloe vera cubes.
  • On the other hand, if you have a very inflamed varicose vein or you come home with swollen feet, do not hesitate to use this remedy.

In addition, it is said that it can be helpful if you are one of those people who usually gets up with annoying dark circles or bags under their eyes.

It is recommended to remove one of these frozen aloe squares from the ice cube tray to reduce inflammation and reduce dark circles .

The same popular wisdom believes that aloe vera can be used internally. However, until now there is no solid evidence to support this data. 

If you usually suffer from occasional constipation do not hesitate to prepare adequate infusions with this medicinal plant.

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To do this, simply warm up a glass of water and drop one of these cubes. When it has been reduced and combined with the water, remember to sweeten it with a little honey and add a few drops of lemon. If you drink this drink for a week you will notice its benefits.

As you can see the aloe vera freezing technique is as practical as it is simple to use it almost every day. Do you dare to try it?

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