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Are apples good for constipation

Are apples good for constipation: The digestive system works an average of 10-20 hours a day, depending on the predominant foods in the diet. However, it is not usually paid attention, despite the fact that health depends largely on its correct functioning. Some great allies in this mission are apples and although many people consume them as astringents, fewer are those who know their powers as laxatives.

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are apples good for constipation

The fiber present in fruits and vegetables helps to improve intestinal transit and prevent the most common stomach upsets . One of the most versatile foods in this regard is the apple . Its high content of fiber, water, minerals and nutrients facilitates digestion. But, it is also a regulator of intestinal transit since it acts as a double agent: it is able to help in cases of both decomposition and constipation.

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Are apples good for constipation

When we take an unpeeled apple, its content in insoluble fibers (which do not dissolve in water) takes center stage and the intestinal transit is accelerated, producing a sweeping effect that cleanses the toxins that may have been generated in the digestive process. In this sense, and as remembered by VI.P- Val Venosta apples, one of the most important apple producers present in 50 world markets, it is important to wash the piece well before eating it for hygienic reasons.

are apples good for constipation
are apples good for constipation

However, when we take it peeled , pectin takes center stage, a soluble fiber that is present in its pulp and helps with fluid retention, contributing to the formation of the intestinal bolus. Pectin also absorbs colitis-causing bacteria and allows minerals lost from excess stool to be recovered.

On the other hand, the apple is one of the richest fruits in tannins , substances that appear when it oxidizes on contact with air (they are more present when eating the peeled and, above all, grated apple). Its job is to dry and deflate the intestinal mucosa, a layer that lines the inside of the digestive tract, which is why it has astringent and anti-inflammatory properties . All this makes them very effective in treating diarrhea.

are apples good for constipation
are apples good for constipation

When taking the peeled apple, if we are away from home, VI.P remembers that we can prepare bags with the piece without skin and cut into cubes or portions to freeze, since this fruit does not lose its properties when frozen, and put them in the bag or backpack when going out.

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In any case, the apple is a perfect help to maintain balance and facilitate the task for one of the most tireless workers in our body, the digestive system. A key element to which, for at least one day, on May 29, it will have its well-deserved tribute.

May 29 is World Digestive Health Day (DMSD), a day to raise awareness about the importance of this set of organs that allows us to synthesize and absorb nutrients from everything we eat and drink. VI.P (Association of Cooperatives Hortofrutícolas de Val Venosta) joins this initiative that this year focuses on the relationship between diet and intestinal health when it comes to preventing and mitigating digestive discomfort suffered by 1 in 3 people.

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