October 19, 2020


The vegetarian diets are fashionable, they aim to do good to the planet, to your bank account, or your waistline. In fact, some of the best chefs in the world are turning to vegetarianism or veganism – even in Paris, the land of sweetbreads and pâté. Canadian chefs are also joining the movement. You’ll find international dishes on the menu at any great restaurant that will delight vegetable buffs, but here are the best vegan and vegetarian restaurants in the country.




A popular destination for foodies around the world, Toronto sets the bar ever higher when it comes to vegetable and fruit-based dishes. So don’t expect to find just quinoa and turkey tofu. Vegans can indeed devour mouth-watering tacos, burgers, and rice bowls at Fresh on Eglinton in the city center and toss it all over with fresh cold-pressed juices. The Hibiscus Cafe, a warm family business, is a Kensington Market institution particularly popular for its hearty soups, savory or sweet pancakes (like the vegan, with milk jam), 42-ingredient salad, and creamy ice cream. vegan home.



In Regina’s Heritage District, the Hunter-Gatherer Vegetarian Dinner serves imaginative cuisine in modern, wood-beamed décor. A small, rustic family-run establishment, it offers simple and hearty vegan and vegetarian cuisine, particularly popular at lunchtime. Order the sweet potato and grilled apple soup, or the fondant dish of the day. Our favorite? The popular melting macaroni and cheese with cabbage and tomato soup. In conclusion, let yourself be tempted by a vegan brownie, a milkshake or a scoop of ice cream served in a drink with plant extracts ( root beer float ).

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British Columbia


Proud of its “green” reputation, the west coast of British Columbia is a must-see destination for vegetarians looking for inventive cuisine. In Vancouver, you have to try the Meet on the Main restaurant – it doesn’t serve meat, but vegetarian and gluten-free comfort food in a relaxed atmosphere. Order the corn fritters, Groovy Gravy Fries (fries topped with gravy), or the cauliflower glazed with ginger, chili, and tamarind. Even more refined, The Acorn Restaurant both rustic and chic, and many consider it to serve the best in town. The presentation of the fabulous cocktails and unusual dishes is such that they look like works of art.



With two locations in Winnipeg (and three in Ontario), Boon Burger prides itself on being the country’s first all-vegan burger restaurant. Take a seat in this cafe set up in an urban brick warehouse, and order its specialty, the gigantic Boon Burger (a grilled mushroom, rice, and red pepper and peach chutney pancake), served with sesame seed fries. The menu, based on vegetarian products, also offers pizzas, sandwiches, donuts, and Italian ice cream. The fact that most of its customers aren’t even vegans says it all – it’s simply delicious.

Prince Edward Island


The eco-friendly Splendid Essence Restaurant serves vegetarian, Chinese, and Taiwanese cuisine – noodles, dumplings, and dim sum are on the menu. The restaurant, located in charming downtown Charlottetown, is housed in a small historic house, which it shares with a Buddhist prayer room. There is a wide variety of vegetarian and vegan dishes available here, including tofu dishes and stir-fries. In summer, eat on the terrace and sip a high-end tea.

Newfoundland and Labrador

St. John’s

Operated by a considerate couple, the Peaceful Loft in St. John’s is a Chinese restaurant offering 100% vegan Macau cuisine. According to locals, the vegetarian-based dishes served there are the tastiest in the province. Expect generous portions of ultra-fresh food at bargain prices, in a happy atmosphere. The menu is varied and includes soups, spring rolls, curries, chicken meatballs with cashew nuts as well as wonderful ginger sauces. And know that the hosts – retirees from Macao – like to offer tastings of the dishes they offer.



In Edmonton, regulars at Padmanadi Vegetarian Restaurant rave about all the dishes on the menu. Some of the most popular recipes include braised tofu with lemongrass, cayenne pepper, or oyster mushrooms. Other strong points: the pretty decor and the friendly owners! This trendy place serves vegan Indonesian and Chinese cuisine with a touch of originality. Indonesian satay, tom yum soup, roti canai, and bakmi goreng are some of its most popular specialties. If you want to try something new, go there on the weekends for brunch and try banana coconut french toast.



For brunch or lunch in Whitehorse, head to Burnt Toast Café, a charming, spacious, and always crowded establishment. This is a quirky place frequented by locals, serving creative cuisine in a lively atmosphere. Without being exclusively vegetarian, it still offers all kinds of meatless dishes. Take in the views of downtown from a comfortable leather bench, while fueling up with a vegetarian spinach and goat cheese scramble, a whole wheat wrap sandwich topped with black beans and beetroot, or a vegetarian burger with Moroccan spices.



Considered one of the 10 must-see vegetarian restaurants in Canada by the Food Network, Lola Rosa restaurant in Montreal offers a short but colorful and exquisite menu that appeals even to carnivores. There are several places to choose from, but everywhere they serve vegetarian and vegan comfort food inspired by cuisines from around the world: Thai curry, Tunisian stew, spinach lasagna, well-garnished burritos, salads, and succulent homemade nachos.

New Scotland


Opened in 1995, it’s no coincidence that Heartwood is still around. The chef is committed to serving seasonal, organic, and nutritious cuisine prepared from local products. Feast on carefully prepared vegan and vegetarian dishes such as original salads, toast, burgers, and pizzas. The unavoidable? Well, the hearty bowls of brown rice or vermicelli. Try the version with a creamy curry-coconut sauce, or the light miso-sesame recipe. Do not miss the peanut butter cheesecake or the terrace of this bistro located on the beautiful Halifax waterfront.

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