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foods help anxiety
August 28, 2020

food anxiety! When we are more nervous than usual we are tempted to open the refrigerator to eat the first thing we find. It is a bad practice that can have undesirable effects on our health, and to prevent this from happening,

so You are what you eat . How many times have you heard this phrase in your life? The truth is that some popular sayings hide more wisdom than they are granted, so in this post, we are going to talk about foods for anxiety that will help you fight it.

Your diet, the nutrients it provides and the saturated fats it contains are the basis for the functioning of your body and also of your mind.

The lack of certain nutrients in the metabolism can cause fatigue, apathy, malaise and other symptoms that accentuate depression and anxiety. Plus, you probably know that eating poorly can cause your brain’s serotonin levels to drop, causing sadness, anxiety, and complex moods.

In case you did not know, there are certain products that can become our allies when it comes to overcoming anxiety and nervous situations so that we can calm down and relax. Although the pace of life that we lead pushes us to just the opposite, where stressful situations are part of our day today. That is why it is important to control the situation and calm down, in addition to following good habits such as sleeping eight hours. Food plays a fundamental role, that is why in this post we are going to talk about the best foods to combat anxiety and nervousness.

food anxiety
food anxiety

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Excellent for its contribution of Omega 3 fatty acids and its high magnesium content, which helps relaxation, fights inflammation and regulates blood sugar. Therefore, it maintains anxiety levels and prevents the increase in stress hormones. foods help anxiety


The vitamin C in oranges lowers cortisol and blood pressure, which reduces negative responses to stress. In addition, it gives us a boost to our immune system.


The yogurt contains probiotics, which help change the body’s response to stress and anxiety. In addition, dairy contains the amino acid tryptophan, which gives us a feeling of relaxation.


A handful of blueberries contains a high number of antioxidants and vitamin C, an ideal combo to repair our cells and fight stress .


The almonds are great for relieving stress , because it contains zinc, which lifts our spirits, its content of magnesium, vitamin B2 and vitamin E.


The spinach also have a high magnesium content, which as mentioned, it helps prevent anxiety .


Chia seeds contain tryptophan, an amino acid that helps release serotonin, which gives us a feeling of calm and reduces anxiety .

food anxiety
food anxiety

What does Vitamin B6 provide

Vitamin B6 fulfills numerous functions in the functioning of your body. In the case at hand, which is energy and mood, Vitamin B6 contributes to the normal functioning of the nervous system, to normal psychological function and to reducing tiredness and fatigue. Come on, it’s a vitamin with super-powers.

We find Vitamin B6 in: fish, nuts and some vegetables

The good news is that Vitamin B6 is easy to find in many foods … And delicious too! Salmon, sardines, many types of shellfish, walnuts, legumes, chicken or vegetables such as avocado, corn or banana are rich in Vitamin B6.

What you don’t know about pantothenic acid

The pantothenic acid is essential to feel good . Among its thousand and one functions, the following stand out:

  • It helps your energy metabolism work, so we already have our body’s gas station fully operational so that the fuel that makes you walk is never lacking.
  • Contributes to the synthesis and correct metabolism of substances such as:
    • The steroid hormones  that help develop sexual characteristics, improve your ability to resist disease, etc. foods help anxiety
    • Vitamin D,  which strengthens bones.
    • Some neurotransmitters, which are chemical substances that act as messengers between neurons and influence our mood, our sensations and our behavior).

We find pantothenic acid in egg yolks, peanuts and mushrooms

Continuing with this list of foods for anxiety, let’s look at an infallible recipe to achieve ideal levels of pantothenic acid: a combination plate composed of eggs (the yolk is especially important), broccoli and chickpeas . Healthy, rich and nutritious.

You also find good amounts of pantothenic acid in peanuts, salmon, mushrooms, and oats .

food anxiety
food anxiety

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Everything that 5-HTP provides

We recently talked about the importance of Tryptophan in the diet and 5-HTP is closely related to this substance that makes us feel good, why? Because 5-HTP is a derivative of Tryptophan that helps in many cases to achieve mental well-being as it contributes to improving serotonin levels.

Currently, beneficial properties have been recognized in depression disorders, tension pain, premenstrual syndrome, in children with attention deficit or insomnia.

We found 5-HTP in griffonia seeds

This substance is different from the previous nutrients in that it is not found in various foods. I mean, you can’t get Griffonia on certain vegetables or animals. On the contrary, it has recently been discovered that 5-HTP can be extracted from the seeds of the Griffonia, a plant of African origin.

As you may not want to eat African seeds, you should know that you can also ingest Griffonia extract in AnimaFort MULTI, a food supplement that helps to improve mood naturally. foods help anxiety

Respecting these habits will help you to properly digest and assimilate food, promote the absorption of nutrients, and avoid digestive and intestinal discomfort. Eat well. It is important to have a varied diet that ensures the consumption of all the essential nutrients necessary to stay healthy . A balanced nutrition is essential to maintain general health, but also to be able to better manage our anxiety and regulate our mood.

food anxiety


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