The best food ideas for dinner 2020

food ideas for dinner
August 23, 2020

What to have for food ideas for dinner today? The dinner can become food to spend less time in the kitchen, especially for those who work out and come home with little time to prepare a menu. For this reason,We release the month and the last quarter of the year. For most it is time to resume the routine of classes, work and a lot of occupations that, taking into account that now the days are shorter, it seems that they do not leave us time for anything and that,

I do not know about you, but I when I notice it the most is when making dinner, which is not the same when in summer, still with daylight, you prepare a quick salad, that now when it is almost dark you have to open the refrigerator and think about what to prepare without wasting too much time.

The truth is that we have always given more importance to a good breakfast and how important it is to start the day. But what about dinner?

And the truth is that dinner is also very important to keep us healthy. The  healthy dinners and rich  have many benefits:

  • It provides you with nutrients so that your body and your organism recover and regenerate.
  • Helps you rest and fall asleep more easily.
  • You will make your metabolism work better, so your body will even be able to burn fat while you sleep.
  • Eating and dining healthy and light can help delay aging according to many studies.
  • You will ease the digestive process.

In short, you will feel more relieved, lighter, and most importantly, it will greatly improve your mood. Therefore, we want to help you feel good about yourself, and we suggest these recipes to start taking care of yourself without having to make too much effort.

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In addition, we give you a fundamental key to make it much easier:

It is essential that so that at night you can sleep peacefully and have a balanced diet, you organize and schedule the weekly menus. When you know what you are going to have for dinner and what you need to buy, you are taking a great weight off your shoulders. Not only do you save a lot of time, but you also make work easier for your body.

Therefore, below we show you 15 easy and quick recipes (and, of course, healthy) to end the day. However, if fast food is your thing, we propose these quick and easy homemade food recipes that will leave you with your mouth open. You will believe that you are in the most famous hamburger chain of the moment.

White meat, fish, eggs, vegetables and a slightly more “special” proposal for those days when we want to indulge ourselves.

Pumpkin Risotto

food ideas for dinner

Risottos with their creamy texture are the sea of ​​comforting at dinner time and this one with pumpkin could not be more suitable for fall. You can see the recipe explained step by step in …

Microwave cup macaroni and cheese

Macaroni and cheese in cup

What gives me the most laziness when preparing dinner for myself is the subsequent cleaning, especially now that I don’t have a dishwasher, that’s why recipes like this can be prepared in the same container in which then you eat them they seem like the most to me. A mac and cheese that is prepared in less than 10 minutes and dirtying only a cup or bowl.

 Whole- grain spaghetti with broccoli

If you like pasta but find it difficult to eat vegetables, this recipe is for you. If the tests will not leave you indifferent.

Baked salmon with bacon and caramelized onion

Baked salmon with bacon

The fatty acids in salmon have a beneficial effect when it comes to counteracting stress, so it is a fish that can come in handy at dinner time. This time it is baked with bacon and onion, although we can change the bacon for Serrano ham and make the recipe lighter. Here I tell you how it is prepared.

Eggs on the plate in 4 minutes

These eggs on the plate are another of my quintessential quick dinners, they don’t stain and are made flying in the microwave as I taught you in this post.

Vips Club Sandwich

Another of my favorites for those nights when a visitor appears to see a movie or the rigorous soccer game is this homemade version of the Sandwich Club like the Vips one, which many times, to make it lighter, I eliminate the bacon 🙂 . In this post I tell you all the details.

Vegetable Pie

food ideas for dinner

Another dinner that I love and that I usually prepare twice to keep for the next day is this vegetable cake, which is first cooked in the pan and then finished in the microwave. Here you can see the whole explanation.

Poached eggs in the microwave

Wildcard recipe, since the eggs are easily prepared and you can add them to a salad or accompany them with vegetables or a bit of whole wheat bread.

Hot dogs

food ideas for dinner

And why not a hot dog for dinner? In this post you have 40 different recipes to choose the one you like the most or the one that best suits what you have in the fridge at that time.

Tomato and ham tartare with grilled chicken breast

The handy grilled chicken breast is a classic at dinners for those of us who are in a hurry -or laziness- but we try to take care of ourselves, so in order not to get bored, it is best to accompany it with a light, tasty and colorful garnish like this tomato tartare and ham that we teach you to prepare here.

Hake stuffed with vegetables en papillote

Another very simple, very healthy and without dirtying almost anything. A hake tail stuffed with ham and small vegetables in papillote that you can see how it is prepared here.

Chinese-style lemon chicken

To overcome the temptation to call the Chinese, I propose this lemon chicken breast that you will take less time to prepare at home than it takes for the Chinese to park the motorcycle. Here the complete recipe.

Salmon Club Sandwich like the one at Vips

And if the traditional Vips Club continues to give you laziness, its light salmon brother is much faster to prepare and it is not necessary to light the fire, just the toaster as we tell you in this post.

Microwave Stuffed Chicken Breast

Easy and amazing with almost anything that we put inside to clean the fridge, some peppers, a little caramelized onion, a few remains of Bolognese sauce or ratatouille, the case is to roll the breast with a little cheese and something else and cook it in the microwave as I explain here.

food ideas for dinner
food ideas for dinner

Grilled chicken recipes with Mediterranean salad

With the crispy meat combined with vegetables and a sauce with parsley and lemon.

Ingredients for 4 people

4 chicken breasts4 tomatoes1 red onion, julienned2 yellow sweet peppers (you have them in many supermarkets such as Lild, Carrefour etc)350 g of romaine lettuce (you can also use packaged lettuce mix)6 walnuts, crushedA tablespoon of lemon zestHalf a teaspoon of dried oregano* Optional, a handful of raisins if you like the bittersweet contrast>

For the dressing

1 tablespoon of virgin olive oil
The juice of half a lemon
One tablespoon of light mayonnaise
Half a teaspoon of chopped parsley
Salt and white pepper


In a bowl, mix a tablespoon of virgin oil, the lemon zest and a little oregano . We put the breasts on a plate and sprinkle what we have just mixed, cover them with plastic film and reserve in a few minutes we will use them.

We wash and drain the lettuce well, to avoid any remaining water, we do the same with the rest of the vegetables. We cut the lettuce into pieces and put it in a bowl. Next, we cut the tomatoes into slices, and the yellow peppers into small pieces.

If you add walnuts, the parts in small pieces (in the mortar or using the mincer for a few moments ). Sprinkle on the lettuce, prepare a griddle-type pan with half a teaspoon of oil, hardly anything. We roast our breasts according to thickness if they are thin about 3 minutes on each side , if they are somewhat thicker 4.5 minutes. When they are golden brown, we remove them from the pan, let them rest a little and cut them into strips.

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We place the tomato and the peppers that we had cut on the lettuce and in the center the cut pieces of breast, if you like sweet and sour flavors you can add some raisins.

We create the dressing in a minute, you need a glass jar with a lid that you have at home like chickpeas. Add all the ingredients except the salt and pepper. Close the jar and shake several times, we add a little salt and pepper to the salad and then the dressing. Stir so that the chicken is impregnated and serve.

Mini aubergine pizzas

Delicious with its mozzarella cheese and basil but with a light base since the aubergines only have 25 calories per 100 grams, the recipe ↑ click on the title with number 2.

Pasta bow ties with tomato sausages and aromatic herbs

Chicken sausages, tomato sauce, with various spices, an easy pasta that is delicious.

Salmon and poached egg salad

Who said salads were boring? E sta has everything to enjoy.

Bavarian-style burgers

Gourmet recipe for fans of hamburgers .

Quinoa risotto

Healthy recipe, quinoa is rich in protein and amino acids, it is prepared in a similar way to rice.

Chicken with fennel

The writer Pliny the Elder, in 23 AD. C already valued the properties of fennelLight aromatic recipe and above all easy.

Beef Pepito

What can be said about a veal nugget? Well, that is delicious and is very easy to prepare.

 Salmon tartare

Gourmet dinner in a few minutes, accompany it with some toast, quinoa or basmati rice.

French omelette in a minute

I cook it on my plate, I eat it on my plate and it doesn’t take me 5 minutes to have dinner with this French omelette in 1 minute, which is an authentic emergency kitchen. Here we tell you all the details.

Breadless diet burgers

Some hamburgers that are not heavy before going to sleep? Of course, they can be done with this little trick that we tell you here.

Pizza in pita bread with quail egg

Another one of those food ideas for dinner for the day that colleagues join to watch TV at home, some light pizzas that are made in a flash using half a pita bread roll as a base. Very good. Here you can see the recipe.

And to finish this list of quick dinners, a fish with exotic touches and very easy to make following the steps of the recipe that we gave you in this post.


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