how to pick a watermelon

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August 29, 2020

how to pick a watermelon: Watermelon is an ideal fruit to combat the summer due to its amount of water and richness in vitamins.

Watermelon is one of the most popular fruits of the summer. Almost all of its content is made up of water, so it is ideal to keep us hydrated while we enjoy its sweet taste. But, did you know that its cultivation in the garden or even in a large pot is quite simple?

If we decide to grow watermelons in the garden we must take into account the necessary area, between 2 square meters per plant. 
If we have sown the seeds we will have to wait around 90 days to start harvesting the first watermelons. It is then, when harvest time comes when we have to know that watermelons are ready to be harvested … How to know when the watermelon is ripe and ready to harvest:

how to pick a watermelon
how to pick a watermelon

 For these purposes we can be guided by several factors that will lead us to success, hehe, we have to be positive, if we make a mistake, we will learn. -At first glance, size and color . Good size and a lighter color of the skin, depending on the variety of watermelon, is a signal to feel that fruit in question.

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With summer come the typical fruits of this season of the year, tasty and refreshing, such as melon or watermelon. The problem comes when after buying any of these products, we realize that it does not have the flavor we expected. That is why here we offer you three simple tricks to check that a watermelon is ripe when you buy it.

1. Look for the yellow dot

It is the signal that a watermelon is ready to eat. A good watermelon will have a pale yellow patch on the skin that indicates that it has been left on the ground to ripen in the sun. If there is no yellow stain, watch out.

how to pick a watermelon
how to pick a watermelon

2. Must weigh

If you take the watermelon and it weighs much more than it appears, you are in luck. The more the fruit weighs, the more sugar and the more flavor.

When choosing it, it should be taken into account that it has to be firm, heavy and very little shiny in appearance.

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3. Little touches with the knuckles

To know when the watermelon has reached its optimum ripeness point, you should tap its surface with your fingers. If it emits a hollow sound, it indicates that the fruit is full of water and at the right point to be consumed.

If the watermelon is still green it can be left for a few days at room temperature until it ripens.

It should be noted that it is a fruit that is very sensitive to cold, although once purchased it will be kept in the refrigerator so that its pulp does not become dry and fibrous.

how to pick a watermelon
how to pick a watermelon

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