The best Honey Lemon Water: This is what happens to your body when you drink lemon with honey

Honey Lemon Water
July 18, 2020

Honey Lemon Water: By combining lemon with honey we get an extraordinary contribution of vitamins and antioxidants that can help us strengthen our defenses and give us extra energy in a natural way

Honey Lemon Water
Honey Lemon Water

Taking lemon with honey in a glass of warm water is one of the most classic remedies in natural medicine. Sometimes the simplest and cheapest therapies can replace many vitamin supplements.

If you have the opportunity to get organic honey directly from a beekeeper, you will benefit from its incredible properties, those that are even more reinforced thanks to the antioxidants and vitamin C of lemon.

If you have not yet discovered everything a glass of warm water with lemon and honey can do for you, we invite you to put it into practice. We give you 5 reasons to do it!

1. Honey Lemon Water: suitable for weight loss

Starting the day with a glass of warm water with the juice of a lemon and a teaspoon of honey will allow our body to better decompose the fat cells accumulated in our body.

This remedy will not make the fat just disappear, but will make it “less resistant” . That way, as long as we drink liquids, take care of our diet and do some exercise, it will be easier to take care of the line.

Also its high content of antioxidants, its sugar of easy assimilation and its great benefits for the liver favor this whole process of weight loss .

2. It helps us reduce joint pain

Honey Lemon Water
Honey Lemon Water

If you suffer from arthritis, suffer pain, stiffness and discomfort, start introducing a glass of water with lemon and honey into your diet.

  • According to the Arthritis foundation magazine, thanks to these two components we are able to deflate all the tissue where these infectious agents accumulate that occur with joint pain.
  • Lemon is a purifying agent that also increases our defenses, with which, as we assume the good habit of taking this remedy every day, we will notice improvements.
  • Honey, meanwhile, is an anti-inflammatory agent with a high antibiotic power that is undoubtedly very beneficial in cases of rheumatism and arthritis .

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3. Strengthens our immune system

This home remedy is a treasure trove of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants and nutrients that, in addition to giving us energy, increase our defenses.

  • Drinking lemon and honey water every day will not prevent 100% flu, colds or infections. What we will achieve is that they last much less and we can heal more easily.
  • A strong immune system more effectively copes with viruses and bacteria . It is therefore a very effective remedy for convalescent people or those who have been in the hospital for a while.
  • Thanks to the action of the antioxidants of lemon and honey, we also combat the attack of free radicals on our tissues.

4. Take care of our digestive tract

Honey Lemon Water
Honey Lemon Water

Do you suffer from constipation? Do you usually have very heavy digestions? So do not hesitate to drink a glass of water with lemon and honey every day first thing in the morning so that your body becomes more regular.

  • Thanks to the antiseptic action of lemon and honey, we combat stomach acidity.
  • Food breaks down better and we absorb nutrients optimally.
  • We alleviate any intestinal inflammation and promote the mobility of stool.

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5. Supports colon health

The accumulation of toxins, yeasts and harmful bacteria in the colon often leads to the development of certain diseases. A healthy colon, like a strong liver, is synonymous with health.

  • Lemon and honey strengthen our defenses and help us deal with those bacteria that tend to accumulate either in the stomach or in the intestinal flora.
  • If we can stop the growth of bacteria and toxins in organs such as the stomach, intestines or liver, our colon will have less toxic load and, therefore, it will be healthier, less inflamed and cleaner.

Do not hesitate to take care of your diet and introduce these simple supplements such as honey and lemon in your diet.

When will it NOT be appropriate to take Honey Lemon Water?

  • Never exceed the indicated doses (do not drink more of the juice of a lemon, or citric acid can cause more problems than benefits).
  • If you have peptic ulcers it is better to avoid lemon juice.
  • Also remember that honey is not suitable for young children between 1 and 2 years, because their body is not yet ready for this type of natural food.
  • If you have diabetes, it is better to consult with your doctor if it is indicated or not to take this remedy.

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To conclude, if we get used to taking this remedy in a balanced way and always look for organic and as natural products as possible, our body can be greatly benefited.

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